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Oblomov (Несколько дней из жизни И. И. Обломова)
О фильме
Режиссер:  Никита Михалков
Студия:  Мосфильм
Год выпуска:  1979
Страна:  СССР
Nikita Mikhalkov (BURNT BY THE SUN) has a reputation as an actors director, adroitly guiding his players through comlpex material and obtaining some of the finest performances in Soviet cinema. Nowhere is this more apparent that in OBLOMOV, his moving and authentic distillation of Ivan Goncharov's great 19th century tragi-comedy novel.
Oleg Tabakov brings to the title role a delicate dignity as the gentle aristocrat who would rather sleep than compete in a modern world of expanding industrialization - a character lovable and ludicrous. And Elena Solovei invests with giddy charm her role of the delightful country belle, Olga, with whom Oblomov has a brief springtime of passion.
Set in glittery St. Petersburg during the heyday of the czarz, OBLOMOV is also full of enchanting scenes of lush interiors ravishing landscapes. The delicate story about friendship, family and daydreams becomes a warmly nostalgic portrait of Russia before the turn of the century. Kino presents Mikhalkov's OBLOMOV on DVD in this digitally remastered version.

О диске
Производитель:  Kino Video
Регион:  1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6
Видеоформат:  NTSC (telecine)
Формат кадра:  4:3
Cоотношение сторон картинки (ширина/высота):  1,5
Звуковые дорожки:  Русская DD2.0 (на самом деле моно)
Субтитры:  Английские (вшиты в изображение)
Тип диска:  DVD9
Тип бокса:  amarey
Суммарный объем данных на диске (директория VIDEO_TS):  6 780 821 504 байта
Скриншоты:  см.